2017 International Day 2017我们的“国际日”

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    Organized by the Tianjin TEDA Maple Leaf International School LEP

     Program, the “International Day”was held in Maple Leaf gymnasium

     on May 26.       During this event, led by the teachers, the Foundation

     students made their own teams to collect information, decorate boards, 

    practice lectures, and purchase materials, which gave them chance to

     develpe their skills. On behalf of ten countries, teachers and students 

    demonstrated country-specific culture and customs, clothing, food and

     sport games. All the model display, fluent English commentary, and all 

    the beautiful boards showed the wisdom and talent of foundation class 

    students. After the fashion show,  came the interactive part - food tasting. 

    The active atmosphere also attracted regular and bridging students and

     teachers, they came and joined into the big party.
           This event not only improved students' ability to organize activities, but also 

     enriched the cultural life on campus. The students were having fun, and 

    more importantly, through this event, they improved their English level, and

     enhanced the understanding of foreign cultures. On June 15, foundation 

    and bridging students will have the BC entry exam, so we hope that after 

    this event, students will put all their energy into study and get good results

     in June!

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